How to Apply Stucco (The Easiest Way)
Applying stucco the easiest way

If you’re a newbie in building or constructing, you might be wondering if it is possible to apply stucco by yourself -- and to answer that, yes! It is possible. As difficult and laborious as it sounds, stucco can be applied in easy ways, if you have the right tools and use the right technique. But before we go into the details on how to apply it, let’s define it first. 

“Stucco”, is a cement-based siding that is commonly used as an exterior siding application to walls. The application of stucco has been practiced for years, and the traditional way of applying it still lives on up to this date. And because of the constantly evolving world of technology, there are now tools that can help in applying stucco conveniently and efficiently.

So, how can we apply stucco in an easier way?

Traditionally, the application of stucco can be done in three steps: applying the scratch coat, the brown coat, and the finish coat. 


1. Applying the scratch coat

Applying the scratch coat

The first step in the application of stucco is applying the first layer of stucco, which is also known as the “scratch coat”. After the scratch coat has set enough to be firm but not completely dry, you would need to scratch or scary the coat with horizontal lines with a Plaster Scarifier, in order to create a stronger adhesion to the brown coat. 


2. Applying the brown coat

Applying the brown coat

After scratching or scarifying the first coat of stucco, wait at least 48 hours before doing the second step. After 48 hours or more, you would then need to apply the second coat, which is also called the “brown coat”. This layer needs to be applied smoothly and evenly as the next step would be applying the finish coat.


3. Applying the finish coat

Applying the finish coat

This is the last step in applying stucco, which is the application of the finish coat or the “top coat” or the decorative surface. The finish coat is the layer that can be painted or textured. 

Now that we know the traditional way of applying stucco, the next question would be, how can we apply it in an easier way?

Usually, stucco is applied through using a cement trowel. But if you’re working on wider walls or surfaces, using just a trowel can require a lot of time, effort, and energy.

That’s where the perfect stucco tool comes in -- a Stucco and Cement Sprayer

Stucco and Cement Sprayer

Stucco and Cement Sprayer
Stucco and Cement Sprayer

How does this work? 

This sprayer is used with an Air Compressor, and what it does is it basically sprays stucco, making the application 10x easier, faster, and convenient. A great invention, right?

Using regular cement trowel VS using the Stucco and Cement Sprayer

Compared to using just a regular cement trowel, a Stucco and Cement sprayer can lessen the time it takes when applying stucco, and you can get a better water/cement ratio using this. 


Stucco and Cement Sprayer


If you’re just starting out in doing application of stucco, opt for a tool that can make your work easier -- and a lot more enjoyable! 

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